Comprehensive local SEO checklist to boost your local SEO in 2021

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Before diving deep into the local SEO checklist, it is important to understand local SEO. So, What Exactly is Local SEO? 

To elaborate, we can say that it is the optimization of some properties of your website which helps out to get easily found in the local searches that people tend to make on a daily basis.

Every business out there wants to have huge traffic on their site. So, with the help of local SEO strategy, no matter what type of business you have; small, medium, or large, you can make sure that people are able to locate your website when they make certain relevant searches. 

Local SEO audit is even more helpful when the people who are near your store can search online and view the services and products that you layout.

Initially, there has been an ongoing growth in local search engines for quite some time now and has ultimately benefited many businesses. 

There are basically two reasons for this to happen. Firstly, most people tend to use mobile devices for searching purposes, weather locations, information, or anything. 

Secondly, Google gives a lot of relevance and consideration to such local search results.

Now, it is pretty much clear that having support for local SEO is an essential element. 

So, here are some important local SEO checklist tips and tricks that you can apply in order to well-grounded that your website covers every ranking factor.

Activities under Local SEO are breakdown below

1. Make your Home Page Informative

Home-page-sample-local seo checklist

Mark this point, your homepage should state what you are, where you are, and what you do? Remember, Google acts like a robot, and a robot needs to be told certain things very clearly. 

The headline, subtitles, and content mentioned on your first page should clearly give a brief about your firm, what services or products you offer.

As per the local SEO checklist, add a “local business schema tag” in which you must mention your business name, complete address, phone number, and make sure its the same one as you have shared on other business listing sites.

2. Use Relevant Keywords

You want people to search online and find your website at top searches, right? But how do we know what people are looking for and searching for? People have variations in stating their needs. 

For example, some people say “end” some say “finish.” Until and unless you are going for paid ads, Google won’t provide you with exact numbers of people searching for certain terms, but you can at least compose a list of words that are actually being used by searchers.

Always try to be particular and relevant. Once you are done with preparing a list, use those keywords in your site copy. 

(Do not forget to mention local neighborhoods and landmarks as well so that you are found easily) 

In fact, building content around local terms can benefit local search engine optimization.

Besides these, just remember that Google will never direct a searcher to the mishmash page they are currently using, but it would be more likely to direct someone searching for “content strategy agency” to lead to a page that is indistinguishable with the query made.

3. Spot Duplicate Content


If you want to make proven that your local SEO services efforts are not really going to waste and are working in an effective way, you need to look over for the duplicate content that is often seen in the web pages. 

Duplicate content can actually make things pretty worse for the strength of listing. So, you need to pay keen attention to it so that you don’t face the worse effects of duplicate content. 

You don’t want to scrape off the content from some other websites because that will ultimately put a question on the reputation of your website. 

So, make sure that you always keep this factor in consideration to avoid the future consequences.

4. “NAPW” promotion is quite necessary


First, let’s understand the meaning of NAPW. (NAPW stands for name, address, phone number, website url). 

This information is a vital element for local SEO optimization and should be mentioned on every page of your website.

The main intention here is to establish a healthy relationship with the client so that they can contact you easily. 

So for this assure that information you have given is updated and correct. Keep this in mind, as it will help to know that your search results in local searches are going pretty well.

5. Google My Business page

One major source of data for establishing an information graph is Google My Business SEO. You need to either add a Google My Business page or claim if there is already an existing one. 

Once you have claimed the page, you can make certain that the NAPW, website information, business categories, and hours are correct. 

Listing your business at Google My Business platform considers one of the vital OFF Page SEO techniques that boost business locally.

Lots of sources of information feed into a search engine’s understanding and display of your business. 

On Google, users generally check information graphs when they tend to select locations on a map. Usually, it is regarded as a place where customers can write reviews of your business.

The first impression is your last impression, mark this line because for many customers, this might be their first time; they get to look at your business, so make it has to be a good one.

6. Develop page for every location

If you have setup with different physical locations you must create an optimized page within your website for each location mentioned. 

Each location’s page must include the location’s NAPW and local business schema. Additionally, you must generate a unique Google My Business page for every location.

7. List on directories for consistency

local directory business listing-local seo expert-local search engine

There are many series of local directories that search engines are referencing to determine local search rankings. 

To ensure Google has your address right, check your listing information in all the directories to ensure NAPW consistency.

For improving local SEO services of your site, you should also create and claim listings in various directories. Some of the example of key directories for this purpose is-

 Yelp, and many more.

8. Feedbacks and Reviews Can Work Wonders!

Buisness review on google-local seo checklist-local buisnes seo

This local SEO strategy works almost every single time. Feedbacks and reviews taken from previous clients help the business establish its credibility in the best possible way. 

Initially, when someone wishes to work with you, he generally checks out the reviews and feedback of previous customers.

This helps to create a good brand image. This will make sure that the name you have in the online world gets eventually stronger. 

Also, search engines all over the world are also pretty fond of positive reviews and make sure that your website comes at the top of the search results.

Garnering reviews must be a regular task of your work process. As much as possible, gently ask or remind customers to review your business services.

9. Ensure mobile friendliness website

Mobile-friendly-website-sample-google my business seo

As we all know how there has been a mass usage of mobile phones these days so there is no doubt when it comes to making a website successful, one has to assure that the website is mobile-friendly. 

A business needs to check that there is a responsive design and the structure is built according to the mobile phone interface. The Google index of search is mobile-first and one should definitely keep this factor in mind. 

If you don’t want Google to penalize your website, you need to check that it is properly optimized for mobile devices. 

So, in any case, having a mobile-friendly website is the most important thing in order to generate traffic on your website.

10. Use Graphics

Try to make use of graphics. This is an effective way for search engine optimization as it will make your campaign be more search engine friendly. 

Use Alt tags for describing images. In addition, few other things that you should ensure are-

– Long Descriptions
 Anchor Texts
 Rich Snippets etc.

Wrapping it up!

“Local business can beat big business”

When Google local SEO is involved, make it clear that you are in an open race having different businesses running together. 

With an effective SEO strategy, your business will be well-positioned to beat large and small competitors and will guide you to bring more traffic to your site. 

So, if you wish to have the best results when it comes to the local search rankings, then follow these local SEO tips.


Local search marketing is basically about putting your business on the map in local searches when customers are searching for a business resembling yours. 

In other words, local search marketing is a form of search engine optimization that helps local businesses show up in relevant local searches made by consumers.

Here are some of the methods to do so.

Create a Google My Business Account
Get Regular Reviews and comments from your loyal customers
 Optimize for Voice Search (as it is highly used nowadays)
 Develop a Content Based on Local News Stories or Events
 Optimize Your Website for Mobile phone interface
 Emphasize on Local Keywords
 Use Location Pages for “About Us” Page
– Online Business Directories can serve to be a biggest perk.

Local SEO is a more functional way to promote your local business online. It helps businesses stimulate their services to local customers at the time they’re looking for them online. 

The process of Local SEO is not the same as the one with standard SEO. For instance, you set up a small business in your local area. The main question arises is how do you reach your customers online? 

For that, you first need to understand the user’s search objective, which in the case of Local SEO, would be a local search referring to their needs, for example, “manicure and pedicure services in [particular location]” or “multi cuisine restaurants near me.” 

The search engines understand that a user wants a service in his desired location and that’s exactly what local SEO offers. 

Another main reason people perform local searches is to find a business offering similar product or service available near them as per their desired condition. 

There might be searchers looking for a specific business’ name, but still there many who don’t have a specific name or type of business in mind when they begin their search. 

You can position and install your business based on the consumer’s search behavior and accordingly list what your business has to offer them. Let’s now understand advantages of local SEO over SEO

▪ Increase traffic on your page
▪ Helps in Revenue generation
▪ Creates Brand Awareness
▪ Higher conversion rate than standard SEO
▪ Free to use

A local SEO citation is any mention of your business on the web; it compiles details such as your company name, phone number, address, zip or postal code, and website address. 

A citation in SEO is the most effective method in improving your local search results.

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