Instagram Hashtag Strategy for Better Reach and Engagement


Just like we have keywords in SEO, hashtags play a similar role in the social media marketing platform. Since Instagram has paved the social media world from the 2020s; more than a billion users are connecting, showcasing their talent, and skills globally.

And why not? After all, its amazing features are captivating enough to encourage people to come on Instagram. So, today, with this guide we will be exploring the Instagram hashtag strategy to help your business expand its reach faster than expected!
So, what are waiting for? Let’s begin the hunt!

Instagram Hashtags- The Term

Instagram hashtags are nothing but a manner to differentiate your post or reel into a category or genre. It is likewise to a keyword but differs only because of the hash sign that is placed before the keyword. Businesses sometimes use their hashtags to define themselves. This idea can help them to popularize their hashtags in front of their users, which becomes easy to find them on social media.

A good example of using a hashtag for reels or posts. If you have a post on Art, then you can use, #ArtoftheDay #ArtonInstagram #ViralArt, etc.
However, there is always the third rule of Instagram, which says a post or reel should not consider more than five to six hashtags. Many users think that increasing the number of hashtags, might increase their views. However, it’s just a myth!

5 Types of Hashtags by Instagram

Before having a hands-on experience on a hashtag to use on Instagram, let us know the 5 ultimate types of Hashtags Instagram offers its users. This will help you understand the difference, and apply it accordingly.

Based on Location- These hashtags are majorly used to classify location-oriented posts or reels. For example- #NewDelhi, #NewYork

Based on Brands- These kinds of hashtags are used for campaigns and events. Moreover, their main goal is to promote their brand by creating their hashtags. For Example- #Nike.

Based on Industry- Such hashtags are used to describe what you do, and the niche of your business. For instance- #DigitalMarketing

Based on Community- As sounds, these hashtags are used to empower the community. For instance- #CaravanLife

Based on your content- If your content doesn’t fall into the above categories, then here’s your way. For example- #ArtGallery

7 Instagram Marketing Tips to Make your Presence Stronger

#1 Make Best Use of Instagram Hashtag Search

Kudos! Instagram itself helps you find the relevant hashtag for your content. The Instagram explorer page is a great source of finding hashtags. Whenever, you type a hashtag, say, for example, you have searched for a social media marketing strategy, then the Instagram Hashtag search will start suggesting to you some other best hashtags for Instagram which is called a Hashtag Suggestion.

#2 Never exceed the Hashtag Volume

Choosing a hashtag unthinkingly is worthless. Make sure you are choosing a hashtag that is preferred by your potential users too. That means, for example, if your chosen hashtag is used by only fifty to a hundred users, it will not give you enough engagement on your post. While
on the other hand, if you’ve chosen a hashtag used by more than a million or a thousand users, then it can help you reach the maximum number of people.

#3 Grow Instagram Follower with Trending Hashtag

Before using a hashtag, make sure the hashtag comes up with your expectation well. Sometimes, the hashtags you use do not display the exact content for which they are meant. This is why it further results in low engagements and slopes your graph down. Hence, it’s better to choose the popular Instagram hashtag wisely.

#4 Follow up Popular Hashtags

Well following others hashtags with the same business niche, can help you alert people about your brand, product, or services. Moreover, not only this but, these hashtags help to have an eye on top brands, and their new strategies to lift their content unique. Similar to this, following your competitor’s brand hashtags can benefit you in capturing your mistakes while strategizing and improving them further.

#5 Use Instagram Hashtags in Bio & Stories

Do you know? Instagram has an automatic feature to collect its all stories (with hashtags) ‘hashtag Story’. Hence, you can also secure a place for your stories, by using relevant hashtags that suit your business niche.

Late in 2018, Instagram introduced its users with an amazing feature of using hashtags in their profile bio! Hence, you can not only add links to your profile but also attract an appropriate crowd towards your profile with such hashtags.

#6 Hashtag Tool for Instagram

Unable to find the best hashtags manually? You can use Hashtags tools for Instagram to make it simpler. Tools like Later, TalkerWalker, All Hashtag, RiteTag, Instavast Hashtag Generator are some of the reliable tools that will help you find the exact hashtags according to your post. Moreover, you can reach out to TheSiteTraffic to get complete end-to-end assistance in Instagram marketing.

#7 Hashtag for Instagram Reels

Reels Hashtags play a vital role in enhancing your engagements in the particular reel. A single post is allowed with a maximum of 30 hashtags. Such hashtags not only categorize your reels but also take them to the target audience rapidly.

What Hashtags we Shouldn’t Use?

While hashtags are known for maximizing your reach, it is a known factor that using irrelevant and misspelled hashtags is totally worthless to your post or reels.

The Instagram algorithm is getting smarter and will pick up on people using consistently spammy or irrelevant hashtags.

Make sure you avoid target-oriented hashtags, that directly show a message to follow or react to on post. For instance- #Follow, #FollowNow, #DoLike.

What’s More?

Well, this guide was all about Instagram hashtag strategy to include in your checklist to have an uninterrupted workflow of Instagram marketing. However, if you are still perplexed, then no worries! Here’s something amazing for you!

TheSiteTraffic not just provides you with the right solution, but also offers appropriate services to execute a successful Instagram workflow! We are a group of like-minded people here to help you in each step.

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