5 Effective Email Marketing Strategy Must Apply in 2022

5 result driven email marketing strategy


Why is Email Marketing Strategy essential for your business? How does email marketing establish a forever-lasting relationship with customers? How to generate organic business leads through email? How can email marketing benefit your business? What email marketing strategy to use? What are some best email marketing services? Do these questions bother you? Did we hear YES? Alright, we have got your back. You have come to the right place and we would help you clear all your doubts, be with us.

If we go by words, email marketing simply means promoting your products and services through email but it is just not limited to selling rather email marketing is used to develop relationships with potential customers and clients. 

Email marketing is widely used to provoke customers and drive them towards your websites, blog posts, and content. It allows you to keep your customers informed about your latest deals and offers and tailor your marketing messages as per your target customers’ tastes and preferences.

Did you know, as per the statistics from Hubspot, 59% of marketers say email is their biggest source of Return on Investment (ROI)? And 93% of B2B marketers use email to distribute content. 

Are you feeling left out? Are you thinking why aren’t you part of these percentages? Well, it seems your email marketing plan is lacking some serious tips and tricks.

You need an email marketing strategy and to achieve that you need to make a well-defined email marketing plan to stay connected with your clients, to serve them daily, to satisfy their needs and wishes, and most importantly to provide them constant value.

Even after knowing this all, why are you not getting enough engagement rate, or why are your emails going unnoticed? Why are your emails landing straight under the spam list? Well, here you might be lacking personalization. Do not forget that you are sending your emails to humans, not to bots.

Your target customer will respond only when you send tailored messages to the customer but before that, you need to first figure out how to get into the customers’ inbox. 

And how can you do that? Do not worry, it’s very simple. You need to read this blog till the end and we will reveal some key email marketing tips to maximize your marketing effectiveness and efficiency.

This is a very genuine feeling for somebody who writes on a regular basis, you need to have a treasure box filled with exciting ideas and valuable information for delivering it to your audience.

It’s very obvious to feel bound and not getting inspiration from any regular ongoings. So for this, here are some of the effortless ways and platforms to find blog topic lists.

5 Email Marketing Tips to be applied right away.

1. Personalize your email

image of personalise mail to hubspot - email marketing tips

An email marketing strategy always starts with a goal or message that you want to convey to your clients or audience. 

The strategy can work very well if you can identify your target customers, personalize your email content, and deliver your value to your clients/customers. Always make sure that you add interesting graphics to grab the reader’s attention.

Gone are the days of “Dear Sir/Madam, now it’s time to switch to “Dear (Name of the recipient)”. Make your emails simple to read, try not to send them a bare text, make it more interesting with infographics to help your target customers better understand what you are trying to say. 

Moreover, personalized emails are more likely to stand out within the inbox as highly relevant. They are more likely to be opened and clicked on by the recipient. Personalized emails help strengthen customer relationships by sending the right content to the right people at the right time. 

Additionally, personalization helps you stand out from the herd by creating better and unique content that helps make an unforgettable impression on customers’ memories.

Another email marketing tip here would be building deeper and more personal relationships with your customers by showing your gratitude, sending birthday wishes to them, and wishing them on festivals.

2. An Email Template must support all devices

Image of sample email tempelate support to all device - best email marketing tips

Mobile is the Future. An efficient email marketing campaign is designed and supported by all devices – laptops, mobiles, tablets. 

An email marketing plan should have mobile-friendly marketing campaigns within its fold. Today, most companies are focusing on making mobile device optimization when creating email marketing campaigns.

If your email is not customized for mobile devices people would delete them and this, in turn, reduces your chances of turning your subscribers into customers. 

This is one such email marketing method that if ignored can make your active subscribers go inactive and they might even unsubscribe from your future email marketing services.

3. Make Use of Clear and Short Subjects

You might not want to open an email with a long subject as people nowadays don’t have time to open an email and read the entire subject. 

Your email subject should be short, clear, and compelling to make your target customers want to open them. 

Hence, you need to craft that perfect subject line and avoid a subject line of 60-70 characters.

This is often called the ‘Dead Zone’ of subject length. The subject line, though might not seem important has the power to change the entire game, and you very well know yourself, the game of clicks and opens. 

Hence, Go Short, that’s your other email marketing tip. You may thank us later. This can be a perfect way to click on such topics and start exploring. 

In fact, we all know that nowadays everyone can get information about any topic with just a few clicks, in such a scenario, developing a new and fresh content can be proven as a bonus point to attract an audience.

People always seek something new and creative and too much responsibility for a particular topic might make them lose their interest so in that case come up with something more engaging and controversial.

Also focus on creating hype, through this way you can involve them in your work process. This method is also good for increasing followers! 

For example, we searched for video marketing and we wanted to see the pages with the highest engagement. Another great thing about this tool is that you can get some ideas of keywords based on the results you get.

If we look at the search we’ve made for video marketing, we can see that video and SEO, or video marketing tips, or video marketing statistics are valid recommendations we could use in our content.

4. Re-engage your Inactive Subscribers

Grammarly-Reengagement-Email- Best email marketing strategy in 2021

It’s easier to target your existing customers than the new ones. You may have a long list of subscribers but what’s the point if half of them are inactive? 

It must have taken time and effort when you created an email marketing plan for your current subscribers and having to create another one would be expensive.

As your present customers know a lot about your brand already, it’s better you re-engage with your inactive customers than trying to win over the new ones. 

When you rebuild your connection with the inactive customers and they may refer your brand to friends and family.

An amazing email marketing tip to engage with your potentially inactive subscribers to conduct polls and surveys. 

Promise them something in advance and make sure you send them free gifts for completing polls and surveys. 

The gift will motivate them to respond and the polls & surveys will help you understand more about your inactive subscribers.

5. Use Call To Action in each email

Image of email enclosed with call to action - email marketing tip for 2021

Do not forget your ultimate purpose of sending emails to your target customers. Insert a Call to Action button at the bottom of your email. 

Paste links to your websites or blog posts to generate site-traffic and ask your prospects to try out your product or start a free trial.

CTAs can be anything link “comments” or “buy now” or “Browse Catalogue” or “Get a Free Consultation”. 

Make an appealing CTA to your email subscribers. Your entire business thrives on the effectiveness of your CTA. Make use of this email marketing tip tactfully.

Wrapping Up

You might think of email marketing as outdated, but actually it’s not. Email marketing has been around forever, and for good reason. 

Email marketing still works because email remains the best medium to reach and connect with people. It is considered as the most efficient tool to build a personal connection with your target audience, nurturing them, and turning them into customers.

Email is considered as the best among the various email marketing methods. As they say, you have to be with times if you want to survive, the same is the case with email marketing.

 Emails, when combined with email marketing strategies mentioned above, can help you ace this race of competition. Your customers are just one click away, make them hit that click, deploy a unique email marketing campaign, and witness where an email can lead you.

Almost every internet user has an email and the best thing it’s free, it does not incur charges like texting. Using these email marketing tactics will surely help you generate leads. Happy emailing!


A. Here are some steps that you can follow to build an email marketing plan

1. Set a goal for your email marketing plan
2.Decide on types of email you will send
3. Segment your audience
4. Select the right technology
5. Plan emails and follow-ups
6. Think of the perfect subject line
7. Design your email
8. Test and track your email marketing campaign

Email marketing tools are tools that marketers use to create, send, test, optimize, and report on their email campaigns. Here are some:-

1.Constant Contact
2. SendinBlue
3. ConvertKit
4. Aweber
5. GetResponse
6. Mailchimp

A. You can have a mix of these types of emails as a part of your email marketing plan to tap potential leads.

1. Email Newsletters
2. Transactional Emails
3. Behavioural Emails

A. Most people might think email marketing is potentially dead due to the growth of social media but email marketing is considered to be more effective than even social media. If proper email marketing methods are used, email can leverage sales,

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