10 Techniques To Find Exclusive Blog Post Ideas In 2021


How do I find good blog post ideas? Being a content writer, you might get hit up with this question quite often. You might face some scenarios where you get no such ideas, to begin with, or maybe you get confused about whether it will be good enough to write or not.

This is a very genuine feeling for somebody who writes on a regular basis, you need to have a treasure box filled with exciting ideas and valuable information for delivering it to your audience.

It’s very obvious to feel bound and not getting inspiration from any regular ongoings. So for this, here are some of the effortless ways and platforms to find blog topic lists.

10 Blog post schemes are explained below:

1. Make a Hit on Quora

Quora-topic-User-Experience-Find Blog post ideas technique

Quora is one of the best platforms for getting abundant information and continuous resources for content writers, to find specific answers to their problems. The information is provided and edited by users, which makes it convenient to correlate with the user’s behavior.

Besides getting topics to write a blog, you get an additional perk of understanding what language and vocabulary people use, the way of expressing, writing, and asking questions. Initially, after finding some loopholes to fill in, you can mold your article accordingly.

Further, you can provide answers to the questions asked, by bringing up your article. Not to forget, Quora is a great space for keyword research and headlines/titles inspiration.

For instance, we generally see that most of the people focus on keywords instead of asking a fully-fledged question. For example- you can simply write a marketing strategy rather than what are the marketing strategies. 

Also, the site is subdivided into topics, which makes it way too easy to search for top blog ideas and get insights on what people are actually looking for.

Quora is filled with lots of people, basically building a community for providing knowledge on almost every subject. Besides all the ideas discussed above, Quora also helps in:

2. Keep an eye on your competitors

Keep an eye on your competitors - technique of finding blog topics

Well, spying on your competitors won’t sound much ethical but it is always good to know about your competition in advance so that you can be prepared accordingly.

Keep a check on what they are writing on, what type of content gets more engagement and what sort of response they get from their audience, you can get some inspiration from those topics and try to create a more fruitful piece of content, comparatively.

You can just keep monitoring on fresh trending topics related to your business and try to give better and creative content. 

Whenever your brand is being brought up on the web, a marketing opportunity rises and that applies to your competitors as well.

So in order to serve your best try to locate the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors to give them a hit on their faces.

3. Trend forecasting can be advantageous

Trend forecasting - Blog post ideas

Why do we always have to move with flocks, why not create and start a trend on our own? A particular topic comes into the trend and vanishes away quickly and most people get engaged in showing their potential and often neglect some valuable areas which require more attention.

This can be a perfect way to click on such topics and start exploring. In fact, we all know that nowadays everyone can get information about any topic with just a few clicks, in such a scenario, developing a new and fresh content can be proven as a bonus point to attract an audience.

People always seek something new and creative and too much responsibility for a particular topic might make them lose their interest so in that case come up with something more engaging and controversial. Also focus on creating hype, through this way you can involve them in your work process.

This method is also good for increasing followers! For example, we searched for video marketing and we wanted to see the pages with the highest engagement. Another great thing about this tool is that you can get some ideas of keywords based on the results you get.

If we look at the search we’ve made for video marketing, we can see that video and SEO, or video marketing tips, or video marketing statistics are valid recommendations we could use in our content.

4. Pinterest is Trending!

Another way to find blog content ideas is by using Pinterest. The basic objective of this platform is to provide customers with all-rounded information on different areas such as- food recipes, style home ideas, inspiration on many other ideas. 

If you haven’t used Pinterest until now, then you did miss lots of great opportunities. The kind of content available here might not be found on any other social media channel.

  • Get innumerous ideas for blog posts.
  • Blog content idea
  • Best blog topics.
  • Find keywords you should use in your blog post to help with SEO on Pinterest.

The process is very simple to generate blog post ideas for beginners through the Pinterest platform. Just search for a keyword, such as a blog and see the results: Take a look at the search suggestions box and well to find other keywords used for searches.

Mark your notes on most popular keyword suggestions, such as marketing (blog marketing), for beginners (blog for beginners), ideas (blog ideas), and tips (blog tips) and so on. Getting such results are the recommended keywords that your audience is searching for.

Use those keywords into your titles tags and description. If you are thinking of using a Pinterest then keep your keywords into pin description also, heading to boost your Pinterest “SEO rankings” so, when people are searching for those particular keywords, your post gets a higher chance of being on the top. That’s how easy it is to get creative topics to write a blog using Pinterest.

5. Facebook? Not so outdated!

Facebook image

Social media marketing is a powerful yet effective way for businesses of all sizes to reach prospects and customers and get interesting blog topics. 

Facebook Groups is an underrated asset for the same. It is regarded as a strong and essential baseline for an active community.

You can easily spot new trending topic discussions, recommendations, tips, new insights from business owners and specialists. In case you have any doubts or confusion on any topic, you can refer to communities. 

Or you can simply ask for tips on client retention, generate ideas through the comments and answers you get.

The combinations are nearly endless. All you need to do is just be in the right community, where people can comment actively. 

There are ample numbers of blog posts that work differently on every business page or group, so you need to make sure that you get ideas and adapt messages according to the type of audience you target.

6. Read user comments

Ok! So when we talk about generating ideas the best way to understand consumer behavior is by letting them express. 

Regardless of the platform think review sites, social media, and YouTube videos, among other user comments can be a treasure trove when you are looking for inspiration.

Readers may also ask for specific information, express counterarguments, and suggest new points of view all of which are valuable sources for new ideas. 

In fact, to take a reference many YouTubers use this way to interact with people, they ask for their suggestions for their upcoming content and produce the desirable video accordingly. This also helps them create a bond and a trustful relationship.

7. At times, be you!

Image of sharing your story today - a good topic for blog

Well talking about your downfalls isn’t bad all the time. Let’s be honest, people love reading about others’ mistakes. 

Some can either take a lesson or get motivated to do better things but some just end up making fun of it.

However such topics can be useful to gain attention because people generally start expressing their thoughts as well. 

It can give you a new topic as well! Ultimately, correlating your story or case studies with theirs also makes a connection with you and your audience.

8. Spin your old content with a new one


Old is gold! We are familiar with this phrase, but this can be implemented on your blog writing tips as well. 

Try and reshape your old content. Add some spice or try mix and match, to create something different out of the forgotten topics. 

This technique will eventually help you come up with something interesting as well as creative in a different format.

9. Find something which you, yourself wants to explore

Image shows finding something to explore as new blog topic

Well at times, we are being so much occupied fulfilling the market demand than we often neglect our preferences. 

In that case give yourself a break and start on something on which you personally want to explore. 

This will not only give your audience something new but through this way you can brainstorm even better, since you can relate with all the aspects of demand.

10. Explore and research for Question Topics on SEO’s Keyword Tool

The basic motto is to serve the audience, so why not focus on understanding their demands and expectations? 

So if you’re in search of customer questions, give a try on incredible tools like Reddit, slashdot, Quora, etc. to generate content ideas and search questions on various subjects to explore.

Based on the keywords you’re focusing on writing topics on, you can filter the results and get:

  • Matching phrases
  • Search suggestions
  • Focused keywords
  • Relatable questions
  • Group topics 

Wrapping Up

Just make a note, not every blog post idea you come up with is going to be a home run, but you shouldn’t let that possibility encourage your fears. 

At times, when you feel that nothing is striking your head, just give yourself a “me time” focus on something positive.

Maybe through these, you end up having your mind refreshed also remember that as you focus on providing valuable content to your readers, you’ll be on the right path.


Here is some recommended blog topic list:

 Consider your passions
 Consider the blogs you read
 Teach everything you know
 Think about missing content from your favorite blogs
 Focus on presenting solutions to problems
 Write as a leading learner
 Think about the body of work you want to have in five years
 Write to a specific person.

Blogging is good for SEO because it helps with a number of things that are important ranking factors. When you have a blog that’s updated regularly with blog posts that are high quality and on topics relevant to your audience, it can make a huge difference to how your overall website performs in the search engines

Here are some of the basic blog post ideas for beginner to start their personal blog:

a. Pick a blog name. Choose something descriptive.
b. Get your blog online. Register your blog and get hosting.
c. Customize your blog. Choose a free template and tweak it.
d. Write & publish your first post. The fun part!
e. Promote your blog. Get more people to read your blog.
f. Make money blogging.

Google and other search engines (Bing, Yahoo, etc.) consider backlinks especially valuable because they represent a “vote of confidence” for one site to another and a specific page.

Follow the given steps to start blogging for free:

 Pick a blog name
 Emphasize what your blog posts will be about with a creative name.
 Choose your blog template
 Customize the design of your blog to match your style
 Start writing posts
 Connect your domain
 Publish posts and go live Share your posts.
– Consider marketing tools such as Facebook, Instagram, etc to create a domain.

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