10 Skyrocket Content Marketing Strategy must apply in 2021

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4 hours spent thinking about the content idea, 8 hours have elapsed since the content got shared, 12 hours gone still no engagement. Is this your story? You have created amazing and unique content for years but still, your engagement rate is slow. 

Despite creating the world’s best content full of valuable insights and having it published on various platforms still you are not getting enough traction? 

If the answer is NO! Then, my friend, you need to be with us till the last sentence before we can reveal the magical recipe of content marketing strategy to you. But what if your answer is YES? Then probably you did not hear us right.

The magical recipe has many more wonders for you as well and some of which you might have not heard before. From B2B content marketing strategies to some fascinating tips and tricks we have all got you covered. 

So before you further go with publishing your next article hear out our content strategy and witness yourself how the recipe pours magic on your content and makes it popular overnight. Be ready to bewitch your target audience.

Two things that play an indispensable role in getting a high engagement rate on your articles, blogs, posts, and websites, one of them is the quality of content that you offer and the other one is the social networks that distribute it at high velocity.

10 effective content marketing plans to attain traffic on website

1. One who plans to fail, is planning to fail”

Someone has aptly said the above lines. The same applies in the case of content marketing. Before chalking out a content marketing strategy it is important to ponder over why do you need a strategy in the first place.

You can do that by answering the following important questions which would help you develop a framework along which an effective content marketing plan can be built.

 What is your ultimate target?
● What are you going to sell?
 Who are your targeted customers?
● What kind of content do you require to create for your customers?
 How can you make your content reach out to the customers?

The answers to these questions will also help you create a well-built and perfectly curated strategic content.

2. Know your customers and address their needs

Understand your audience need - content strategy

Well, spying on your competitors won’t sound much ethical but it is always good to know about your competition in advance so that you can be prepared accordingly.

Keep a check on what they are writing on, what type of content gets more engagement and what sort of response they get from their audience, you can get some inspiration from those topics and try to create a more fruitful piece of content, comparatively.

You can just keep monitoring on fresh trending topics related to your business and try to give better and creative content. 

Whenever your brand is being brought up on the web, a marketing opportunity rises and that applies to your competitors as well.

So in order to serve your best try to locate the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors to give them a hit on their faces.

3. A bit of creativity always stands out

Image of girl thinking creativity - content marketing plan

Even though content marketing tactics are at your fingertips, be creative to outshine your competitors. 

Remember that in this digitalized world everything is possible and it is reasonable to think that every business uses more or less the same B2B content marketing to pitch their clients.

So, what can make you stand out? The answer lies in your creativity and artistic hue to your content. 

The more value-driven, with a tinge of ingenuity, content you make, the more will be the traction around your sites and the result would be an increase in sales, more share in the market, and most importantly the brand awareness.

You can also keep a close eye on your competitors, do a quick research on what they are doing. Read their blogs, watch their videos and listen to their podcasts to obtain an understanding of their content marketing strategy.

Study how they make themselves stand apart from the rest and try to reach their level by adopting a unique method and strategy to communicate and entice your customers.

4. Engage through videos and podcasts

Image of video podcast - advance content marketing strategy

Videos are said to be the most engaging way to connect with your audiences. According to Forrester Research, a 1-minute video is worth 1.8 billion words. That’s because they are easier to remember than the text and quick to digest.

It’s a fact that people might just read the heading and scroll away without even reading the whole article and the information remains undelivered.

Therefore, it becomes exceptionally important to include podcasts and videos in your content marketing plan and reach out to the customers directly at their doorstep.

If you want to gain the audience’s attention, make short, clear, and attractive videos and do not spend too much time on the introduction instead directly jump to the main content.

The best way to be connected with your target audience is having a friendly conversation with them and solving their problems while talking and listening to them. Thus, having a podcast is like being a step ahead of your competitors.

5. Being consistent over Social Media

social media marketing importance - effective content marketing method

One of the best content marketing plans is to kick-start from the various staggering platforms of Social Media Marketing. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the best places to sell your products, ideas, and generation of leads.

These now have become the lifeline of every business and without them, no business can survive. Social Media is the perfect place to showcase your personality and your content. One can monitor the target audience, their preferences, choices, and the latest trends.

You should create content that conforms with the industry trends as well as with the latest situation in the world. Engaging with audiences through hilarious memes and GIFs will make your business talk of the town.

You can also connect with the target audience by sharing posts, videos, and flyers on Facebook, Instagram, and various other social media platforms. If you have an online business you can provide links to your websites in your posts and shares.

6. Using Infographics

infographics--the-benefits-of-their-use-onlin- b2b content marketing method

Ever thought why you can remember a movie and not a written piece of information that you have been trying to mug up for so long?

Well, the answer is an average human tends to forget written or verbal communication much faster than visual information.

Most people remember only 10% of what they hear, 20% of they read, while they remember 80% of what they see. Here’s a fact, humans process visual content 60,000 times faster than other types of content. 

Therefore, Infographics proves to be effective as they use imagery to highlight, explain or enhance text-based information.

Infographics make it simple for the viewers to quickly skim through it and retain the message. 

They have the unique ability to catch attention, convey information, and makes complex data look simple. That’s why Infographics are used widely to break high-level data for all types of audiences.

The content marketing trick you can apply here is to convey your message through a series of stories using the Infographics

People relate more with the stories and that way are more compelled to respond. Thus, creating brand awareness and increasing your engagement rate.

7. Stay connected with E-mail marketing

You must be thinking of reaching people through e-mail and pitching your products and services is outdated but the concept is still relevant and considered as one of many content marketing strategies. However, this content strategy requires a smart approach to be followed.

Avoid barraging your customers with sale spiel and write them personalized messages and make them believe as if it was made for them.

Another email marketing technique that has to be kept in mind is to have a compelling subject which would make your customer want to open up and read the mail and once they are engaged you can pitch your products, ideas, or make them visit your website.

The bottom line is having a conversation on a personal note and win customer confidence. Once you have successfully build a virtual relationship with your target customers you can mail them with your blogs, competitions, e-books, event invites, and exclusives.

8. Hosting Webinars

Hosting a webinar can be an entire game change. Invite industry experts, clients, or potential customers to join the webinar and host a healthy and insightful discussion.

You can talk about your products, their usefulness, industry trends, and can even engage with your clients on why they preferred you over your competitors.

The secret of a successful webinar is quality content, record it, and post it on various social networks to reach a large audience.

9. Content marketing through E-books

publish ebooks - content marketing method

Do not confuse it with a lengthy novel. It’s a way of providing your visitors with interesting content to read. 

Ensure each page is visually appealing and is full of insightful content. It’s also a great way of gaining email contact as you can provide E-Books as an incentive to sign-up.

10. Evolve or Dissolve

Adapt to changes written in a note.

It’s the unfailing content marketing strategy which requires you to evolve with time and as per the market needs or get ready to dissolve and disappear out of the market. 

Adapt to the changes, embrace them, and accordingly bring necessary changes to your content as well as the strategies in order to ensure your future success.

Wrapping Up

The whole essence of content marketing strategies lies in building a life-long connection with the target audiences. The entire content marketing revolves around winning customers’ hearts and confidences. 

A lot of energy and effort goes into building a good and strong rapport with potential clients. Content marketing is a never-ending cycle, one needs to think about the marketing technique even before creating a piece of content. 

A brilliant content strategy would be repurposing your content on various platforms of social media. 

This would enable you to acquire insights and would keep track of all your content posts and would let you know which content is performing outstandingly well among the audience, taking advantage of it you may create more content along the same lines. 

In a nutshell, content marketing and content marketing strategies begin before you create content and works even after publishing the content. 

The above content marketing strategies will help you form a plan for your brand and make it a success in a phased and consistent manner. 

So, how did you like the magical recipe? If you like it then share it and spread the knowledge.


A. Content marketing is successful because it enables answering the audience’s questions.

With a content strategy one can build trust with the audience, improve conversations, connect with audiences and generate leads.

In today’s scenario customers expect much more than just the product. They want constant value creation and fulfillment of their desires and wishes.

That’s the reason content marketing is becoming successful with each passing day.

A. Here are some best content marketing tools:

● HubSpot – It is a reputable tool and a great blog to follow if you want to learn everything about content marketing.

They are more focussed on inbound marketing thus, proves to be a great platform for small businesses and to help them build a solid content marketing plan.

● Buzzsumo – Its a very useful tool to get a sneak peek of competitors’ content strategy in terms of what they are uploading and how much they are attaining traffic from social media platforms.

This tool helps you to get an idea about which content is getting maximum engagement on social media.

● Google Trends – It helps you with finding quick and easy ideas content ideas that have a good chance of going viral. 

If something is forming in mind you can check here to see how relevant it is to the global readership. This tool is fairly effective for beginners who are looking for content ideas.

● Almighty Press – It’s one of its kind platforms. The tool keeps track of pre-viral content and informs you beforehand about the trending topics so that you glean information and create an SEO rich content.

A. Your content is your personality. The content you create echoes your message, educates your readers, and persuades them to buy your products and services over your competition.

Providing high-quality content is one of the most important things you can do to attract clients and create interests in your business. If your readers cannot relate with your content they would not be convinced to buy from you and might land with your competitors.

Even if you deploy highly performance-driven SEO content marketing techniques you will not get good results if the content delivered is not of good quality.

A. Following are some ways to write quality content:

● Create original content
● Create strong and catchy headlines
● Converse with your audience
● Be accurate in reporting and sourcing information
● Create engaging and thought-provoking content
● Add videos and images to make it attractive
● And most important, Be Consistent.

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